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At Tandem, we have developed a unique examination preparatory program for students of classes XI and XII. The program, designed by experts impart all necessary skills to a student that would enable him /her to understand and manage all critical factors that are necessary to score well in school examinations, and come out with flying colours.

It is a well-known fact that education plays an important role in shaping the life of an individual and that it is education which equips students with skills which help them think, analyze situations and take appropriate decisions.

Students in the age group of 14 to 16 years (of classes VIII, IX and X) are especially receptive. A properly planned delivery of concepts, when clubbed with appropriately calculated and executed activities can bring about a positive change in the way a student approaches subject such as Mathematics and Science.

A good grounding in science and mathematics is of great importance, as it helps the students develop logical and analytical thinking skills. These are skills which students will need in future irrespective of the field in which they may want to make a career in. Apart from this in the highly competitive landscape that we are in today, what becomes more important is the relative performance of the student rather than the absolute marks that he scores in a school examination.

We believe that it is the attitude towards a subject that is more important than just scoring marks. At the same time good conceptual understanding of the subject will always reflect in the kind of marks a student scores in an examination.

As we have said earlier, in the present day scenario, performing well in the examinations at school is very important, as it not only helps students gain much needed confidence but also helps them secure entry to prestigious institutions and programs.

Being strong with the fundamentals is an important factor in scoring well, but there are many other factors which also contribute to a student's success.

• As the old adage goes, 'nothing succeeds like success.'

• Many students/parents feel that the grades that the student scores in their school examinations are the measure of their success.

• A successful student is also able to exhibit above characteristics consistently and not just on the examination day.

• Till some years ago the kind of examinations that were conducted in school/College focused only on how a student performs in tests which are conducted monthly/quarterly/half yearly/annually.

• But, to judge a student's progress there is a need for continuous assessment, which happens on a daily basis , this analysis not only helps the teachers recognize where the student stands but also helps in taking remedial measures.

• So, a successful student not only performs well in the end term examinations but also does well in each class that he attends. Also, it is important that a student develops the right attitude and behaviour which will be equally important for his future.

• Excelling in such a system requires more than rote learning of concepts. It is imperative that a student does well in such a system as it would mean that the student not only succeeds in his examinations but will also be a successful student in true sense

The Coaching Program offered by Tandem addresses this same need of creating a successful student rather than a student who is successful only in his /her end term examinations. The program unlike other tuition programs is not focused on making students score marks by making them rote learn the concepts. The program is designed to impart students with skills and concept clarity, which would lead to:

• Better grades in Summative Assessment.

• Increased participation in class.

• Better performance in oral tests, quizzes, project works and assignments (formative assessment).

• Desired behavioral attitude.

This program is specifically designed for students who wish

• To prepare well for the examinations at school (both formative and summative) and want to achieve excellent grade.

• To achieve better grades through their understanding of concepts rather than through rote learning.

• To be taught by highly talented, experienced and professional teachers.

The program covers the following subjects:

• Physics

• Chemistry

• Mathematics

• Biology

The program is presently available for the following state/central boards


• Kerala State Board

The unique features of the course are listed below:

• Imparting Conceptual Clarity: As mentioned earlier the major factor that influences the scores of a student is the amount of conceptual clarity that a student has. Our Supplemental Coaching Program is designed to impart the much needed conceptual clarity. We strictly adhere to the Syllabus provided by NCERT/State Boards and structure the sessions in such a manner that the students understand and imbibe what they are learning and do not end up learning the concepts merely by rote. Nevertheless there are some concepts and formulae in both science and mathematics which a student needs to learn by rote; we provide them with techniques/methods which can help them remember these essentials.

• Practice Sessions: The course is designed to provide extensive practice to the students by making them solve workbook exercises and different types of tests. This practice helps students not only revise concepts at regular intervals but also provides them with an insight into the kind of questions that they would face in the school examinations.

• Informative and Exhaustive Study Material: The Study material is developed by experts who have vast experience in the field of training students for board examinations. The Study material which is a collection of Course Material, Practice Exercises, Unit Tests, Cumulative Tests and Model Exams is well-researched and provides exhaustive coverage of the concepts.

• Regular Tests/ Model Tests and Sessions to make students understand the paper pattern and structure: A series of mock tests and model tests are conducted and once each test is completed an analysis/feedback sessions is conducted.

• Extensive Practice through these mock tests ensures that the student :

1)Overcomes the examination phobia.

2)Develops a good understanding of the paper pattern and structure.

3)Can devise and test different strategies to score more marks

• The feedback/analysis sessions ensure that the student :

1)Can identify the shortcomings in his preparation and prepare for the next test accordingly.

2)Develops an understanding of the best way of presenting a solution.

3)Can devise strategies to manage time better.

4)Can get his doubts clarified.

• The objective of this course is to make the students understand and master basic concepts in the subjects of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

• The focus will be on encouraging students to apply the concepts learned to real-life situations. The program will encourage students to look beyond textbooks for learning.

• Professionally managed institution

• Faculty members with several years of experience in teaching the school curriculum.

• Every teacher undergoes an in-house training program which helps him deliver the concepts in an easy to understand manner. The faculties are trained to help students realize their potential.

• Interactive Classes aimed at continuous evaluation and remedial action.

• Well researched and exhaustive study material.

• Regular doubt clarifying sessions for remedial action.

• Highly effective test series for continuous assessment.

• Regular feedback to parents regarding the progress of the student.

• Coverage of the theory as per the latest syllabus

• Discussion of frequently asked questions during the theory classes

• Exposing the students to questions from board papers of previous years

• Study material containing collection of questions and the hints (wherever required)

• Conducting of test papers at the end of every chapter/unit

• Mock exams on the latest patterns of the board exams

• Continuous monitoring and evaluation of a student's performance

• Regular feedback to parents regarding their ward's performance