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Tandem offers a Foundation Courses for students of Class 7 to 10. The course covers the areas of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Our course and tests are structured in a way that inculcates the habit of application of concepts thereby paving way for effective learning.

• Objective of this course is to make the students understand and master basic concepts in the subjects of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

• The focus will be on encouraging students to apply the concepts learned to real-life situations.

• The Foundation program will not only help children understand better what is taught in regular school classes, and hence do well in board exams but will also help them develop the acumen which will give them a distinctive edge over the rest of their peers.

The Foundation Program offered by Tandem addresses this same need of creating a successful student rather than a student who is successful only in his /her end term examinations. The program unlike other tuition programs is not focused on making students score marks by making them rote learn the concepts. The program is designed to impart students with skills and concept clarity, which would lead to:

For each class we provide the following books

• Mathematics Study Material

• Physics Study Material

• Chemistry Study Material

Regular Tests are conducted and mock exams.

• Course methodology is aimed at helping the students understand the concepts thoroughly.

• It helps them develop a logical approach to Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, for more effective learning.

• The course has a comprehensive coverage of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry encompassing the syllabi of the major boards (State, CBSE and ICSE).

• Professionally managed institution

• Faculty members with several years of experience in teaching the school curriculum.

• Every teacher undergoes an in-house training program which helps him deliver the concepts in an easy to understand manner. The faculties are trained to help students realize their potential.

• Interactive Classes aimed at continuous evaluation and remedial action.

• Well researched and exhaustive study material

• Regular doubt clarifying sessions for remedial action.

• Highly effective test series for continuous assessment.

• Regular feedback to parents regarding the progress of the student.